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Why Does Your Business Need a Cloud Native Security Platform

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Did you know that, on average, a business uses 12 cloud service providers? Therefore, most need help managing and securing this complex digital environment. According to a CSA report, around 32% of organizations need help prioritizing security improvements. However, more than traditional security is required when more businesses shift to the cloud….

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How To Secure Cloud-Native Apps And APIs With Precision And Speed?

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With cloud-native development being the mainstream, developers use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect the apps with various web-based services. Surprisingly, almost 80% of web traffic now flows through APIs. The increasing usage of APIs raises one question: How do we protect cloud-native applications? “APIs form the backbone of modern cloud-native applications,…

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Key Role Of DevSecOps In Ensuring Cloud Security

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Today, cloud computing is a standardized norm in IT infrastructure worldwide. Undoubtedly, there is no other match that can offer such scalability as cloud computing. While many organizations are transitioning to the cloud from on-premise infrastructure, cloud security is a key concern for all! DevSecOps, an Agile Approach, integrates security workflows with…

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