Top DevOps Consulting Companies in Canada

Looking for the top DevOps service providers in Canada?

With more IT companies looking to optimize their software development cycle in recent years, DevOps consulting Companies in Canada have seen an exponential boost in the adoption rate of DevOps. Businesses need the best DevOps companies to increase the pace of deployment and put more rigour into testing. Plenty of DevOps Companies have risen to the challenge to offer DevOps Services in Canada along with the other DevOps related services. To end your hunt of shortlisting the right one for your business needs, BDCC Global presents the latest list of top DevOps companies in Canada that are known for their market presence, services and customer satisfaction.

1. Rangle

Making things that matter
DevOps companies

Rangle is more than a groundbreaking team of JavaScript experts, we’re your partners in innovation. We take great ideas and apply strategy, design, and technology to craft delightful customer experiences. Committed to getting to market fast, we’re anchored by Lean/Agile methodology and a DevOps mindset, backed by our badass, world-class reputation in React, Angular, and Vue.

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  • Employees in Rangle250-500
  • Rangle Address Toronto, Canada
  • Rangle Hourly Rate Undisclosed

2. Algoworks

Simplifying technology. Smartly. Disruptively. Globally.
Algoworks logo

Algoworks is a technology company providing end-to-end product development services globally. Themselves a recognized AWS partner providing 24/7 DevOps services for high availability (HA) environments, Algoworks has established their stature and reputation providing a top-notch DevOps Consulting Services globally.

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  • Employees in Algoworks 250-500
  • Algoworks Address California, USA
  • Algoworks Hourly Rate $25 - $49 / hr
appnovation logo

“Appnovation is a global Digital Solutions and Managed Services provider delivering strategy, application development and enterprise integration
on leading open technologies.”

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  • Employees in Appnovation10-250
  • Appnovation Address Vancouver, BC, UK
  • Appnovation Hourly Rate $100 - $149 / hr

4. Pythian

Love Your Data

The Pythian Group, Inc., commonly known as Pythian, is a leading DevOps consulting and cloud managed services provider. They provide their consultancy in DevOps, that help organizations integrate their development and operations teams through the adoption of cloud-native technologies that streamline and automate their workloads. Their consulting, implementation and managed services solutions help businesses realize value from their data assets, accelerate software delivery and enjoy more reliable, scalable IT systems.

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  • Employees in Pythian251-500
  • Pythian Address Ottawa, Canada
  • Pythian Hourly Rate $300+ / hr

5. Nexio

Talent at the service of your technologies
DevOps service companies

Founded in 1994, Nexio strives to keep one step ahead of the curve in the IT world.
Our company represents more than 200 professionals, experts in various IT fields such as application development and maintenance, digital services and ITSM.
Nexio’s offices in Montreal and Quebec offer a vision and outstanding services to its renowned customers.

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  • Employees in Nexio10-250
  • Nexio Address Montreal, Canada
  • Nexio Hourly Rate Undisclosed

6. Sourced Group

Helping Enterprises Adopt Cloud at Scale
DevOps service companies in Canada

Sourced is an award-winning global consulting firm that helps organizations make the most of cloud computing with a focus on security, governance and compliance. With nearly a decade of experience and offices in Australia, Canada and Singapore, Sourced provides professional services that secure, migrate and manage hyper-scale cloud infrastructure for enterprise clients.

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  • Employees in Sourced Group10-250
  • Sourced Group Address Toronto, Canada
  • Sourced Group Hourly Rate Undisclosed

7. Imaginet

Imaginet is your trusted technology partner
DevOps consulting

Imaginet is your trusted software technology partner who turns your business innovation ideas into reality. As a 19+ time Microsoft Gold Partner, Imaginet specializes in consulting services for SharePoint, Custom Web & Mobile Application Development, Office 365, Azure, Power BI & Business Intelligence, Azure DevOps, and more.
With 22+ years, 1400+ customers, and 3200+ engagements under our belt, we’re as innovative as ever!

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  • Employees in Imaginet10-250
  • Imaginet Address Winnipeg, Canada
  • Imaginet Hourly Rate Undisclosed

8. CGI

Experience the Commitment
Devops companies in Canada

Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world. Operating in hundreds of locations across the globe, CGI delivers end-to-end services and solutions, including DevOps services, strategic IT and business consulting, systems integration, intellectual property, and managed IT and business process services.

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  • Employees in CGI10k+
  • CGI Address Montreal, Canada
  • CGI Hourly Rate Undisclosed

9. ObjectSharp

Cloud-First Digital Transformation
Agile DevOps

ObjectSharp is a multi-disciplinary Agile team of senior software development professionals who are passionate experts in their fields. We partner with you – at every step along your software development journey – to deliver innovative business solutions using Agile, CI / CD, DevOps services & Software Automation.

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  • Employees in ObjectSharp10-250
  • ObjectSharp Address Toronto, Canada
  • ObjectSharp Hourly Rate Undisclosed

10. HighVail Systems Inc.

Advancing the Practice of IT
DevOps consulting firms

HighVail leads, supports and enables organizations as they drive IT innovation. Since 2003, we approach innovation as an ongoing, sustainable and strategic commitment that drives industry leadership through exceptional customer experiences. At HighVail, our relentless focus on enabling IT advancement and the cumulative benefits that progress delivers is what drives us.

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  • Employees in HighVail Systems Inc.10-250
  • HighVail Systems Inc. Address Vancouver, Canada
  • HighVail Systems Inc. Hourly Rate Undisclosed

11. CloudOps

Own your destiny in the cloud.
DevOps Digital transformation

Since 2005, CloudOps has enabled hundreds of enterprises and web-based companies to build their businesses in the cloud.
CloudOps is a cloud consulting and DevOps service company focused on open source, cloud platforms, networking and DevOps. We help businesses thrive in a data-driven software economy with successful adoption and operation of cloud platforms, enabling self-service, utility economics and API-automated, continuous delivery of IT.

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  • Employees in CloudOps10-250
  • CloudOps Address Montreal, Canada
  • CloudOps Hourly Rate Undisclosed