Top DevOps Companies in USA

Looking for the top DevOps service providers in the United States?

With more companies in IT looking to optimize their software cycle in recent years, DevOps has witnessed an exponential boost in the adoption rate in the United States. Companies need DevOps to increase the heartbeat of deployment and put more rigour into testing. Plenty of American companies have risen to the challenge to offer DevOps consulting services along with DevOps related services. To end your quest of shortlisting the right one for your need, BDCC Global presents the latest list of top DevOps companies in USA that are recognized for their services, market presence and customer satisfaction.

1. Algoworks

Simplifying technology. Smartly. Disruptively. Globally.
Algoworks logo

Algoworks is a technology company providing end-to-end product development services globally. Themselves a recognized AWS partner providing 24/7 DevOps services for high availability (HA) environments, Algoworks has established their stature and reputation providing a top-notch DevOps Consulting Services globally.

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  • Employees in Algoworks 250-500
  • Algoworks Address California, USA
  • Algoworks Hourly Rate $25 - $49 / hr

2. Sogeti

Making better, faster
Sogeti logo

Sogeti is the Technology and Engineering Services Division of Capgemini. The Sogeti Group is an information technology company specializing as one of the major DevOps Companies, with headquarters in Paris, employing around 25,000 people at around 300 branches in 15 countries.Their team of DevOps Consultants can help you to manage the DevOps implementation and optimization of each of the three key elements of your digital transformation.

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  • Employees in Sogeti10k+
  • Sogeti Address Dayton, USA
  • Sogeti Hourly Rate Undisclosed

3. Contus

Gateway of Digital

Contus is a DevOps consulting company established in the year 2008 with a mission to transfigure every technology Solution as the most sought blend of Innovations to enrich Business by providing SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud).

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  • Employees in Contus250-500
  • Contus Address Atlanta, USA
  • Contus Hourly Rate $25 - $49 / hr
Devops Services

ServerCentral Turing Group (SCTG) is a managed cloud, disaster recovery, data center services provider and one of the best DevOps Companies based in Chicago, IL.

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  • Employees in ServerCentral Turing Group (SCTG)10-250
  • ServerCentral Turing Group (SCTG) Address Chicago, USA
  • ServerCentral Turing Group (SCTG) Hourly Rate $100 - $199 / hr

Perficient, Inc. is one of the top DevOps Companies serving enterprise customers throughout North America. The company’s efforts include enterprise mobile applications, creative services, marketing, digital strategy Internet of Things, information technology, management consulting, custom development, and platform implementations.

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  • Employees in Perficient1K-10K
  • Perficient Address St Louis, USA
  • Perficient Hourly Rate Undisclosed

6. XenonStack

A Stack Innovator
XenonStack Logo

A Product Engineering and Technology Services company provides Digital enterprise services and solutions with DevOps, Big Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Cloud Migration, Machine learning and Data Science.
Xenonstack provides Cloud Consulting, Cloud Migration with AWS, Google Cloud and Azure Cloud Competency.

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  • Employees in XenonStack10-250
  • XenonStack Address California, USA
  • XenonStack Hourly Rate $25 - $49 / hr

7. Sumo Logic

One platform. Many use cases.
DevOps Companies in USA

Sumo Logic is a cloud-based machine data analytics company focusing on security, operations BI usecases and DevOps Services. It provides log management and analytics services that leverage machine-generated big data to deliver real-time IT insights.

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  • Employees in Sumo Logic250-500
  • Sumo Logic Address California, USA
  • Sumo Logic Hourly Rate Undisclosed
DevOps Consulting Company

NetEnrich is the partner you need to simplify, control and optimize existing and new technological frameworks. They do it like factory industrializes manufacturing. And that means you get the best product, every single time.

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  • Employees in NetEnrich500-1k
  • NetEnrich Address San Jose, USA
  • NetEnrich Hourly Rate $100 - $199 / hr

9. 8th Light

Software is our Craft.
DevOps Companies

8th Light is a software consultancy that is passionate about Providing DevOps consulting services and building productive long-term partnerships with its clients, its employees, and the software community.

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  • Employees in 8th Light10-250
  • 8th Light Address Chicago, USA
  • 8th Light Hourly Rate $100 - $199
Cloudtp Logo

Cloud Technology Partners (CTP), a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, is the premier cloud services and software company for enterprises moving to AWS, Google, Microsoft and other leading cloud platforms. They share thrir deep experience and knowledge of DevOps to help you get started on the right path to continuous integration and continuous delivery.

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  • Employees in Cloud Technology Partners, Inc.10-250
  • Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. Address Boston, USA
  • Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. Hourly Rate Undisclosed

11. Prolifics

Advise. Innovate. Deliver.
DevOps Companies in USA

For 35+ years, Prolifics has had a single mission—solving customers’ business problems with technology solutions by providing expert consulting services and high-value technology enablers. Founded in 1978 in New York City, Prolifics first specialized in building high-performance transactional systems for many of the biggest firms on Wall Street.

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  • Employees in Prolifics1K-10K
  • Prolifics Address Florida, USA
  • Prolifics Hourly Rate Undisclosed

12. Veritis

Devops Companies

Veritis is a global Information Technology (IT) services provider focused on delivering high value to clients through integrated solutions. The major service lines that Veritis focus on are DevOps Services, Cloud Services, IT Infrastructure Services and Virtualization Services.

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  • Employees in Veritis10-250
  • Veritis Address Texas, USA
  • Veritis Hourly Rate Undisclosed

13. Switchfast

Our clients always know what's next
DevOps Service Provider

Switchfast Technologies is a leading IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) serving the Greater Chicagoland and Midwest Area. Switchfast clients understand that a true IT Partner goes beyond break/fix; rather providing long-term solutions to business challenges and goals. They ensure investment in Information Technology provides the maximum ROI to its stakeholders through DevOps Consulting IT Roadmapping, Planning and Strategy.

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  • Employees in Switchfast10-250
  • Switchfast Address Chicago, USA
  • Switchfast Hourly Rate $100 - $199 / hr

14. Contino

Contino Logo

Contino is a global technical consultancy who specialize in helping highly-regulated enterprises transform faster, modernising their way of working. They are experienced and referenceable experts in DevOps and cloud, transforming people, processes and technology to enable the rapid digital transformation that success demands in today’s accelerating marketplace. Founded in 2014 by Matt Farmer and Benjamin Wootton, they have now grown to over 270 people worldwide, with offices in London, New York, Atlanta, Sydney and Melbourne.

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  • Employees in Contino251-500
  • Contino Address New York, USA
  • Contino Hourly Rate Undisclosed