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How To Secure Cloud-Native Apps And APIs With Precision And Speed?

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With cloud-native development being the mainstream, developers use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect the apps with various web-based services. Surprisingly, almost 80% of web traffic now flows through APIs. The increasing usage of APIs raises one question: How do we protect cloud-native applications? “APIs form the backbone of modern cloud-native applications,…

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A Complete Solution For Identity Security in Multi-Cloud Environments

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Do you know that 92% of enterprises that have moved to the public cloud prefer a multi-cloud strategy? The widespread adoption of multi-cloud environments has become imperative because of its ability to distribute workloads across diverse cloud providers strategically. While public cloud services offer unparalleled accessibility, they are vulnerable to various security…

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Azure Sentinel: The Game-Changer In Cloud Security With SIEM & SOAR

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Are you ready for a game-changer in cloud security? Introducing Azure Sentinel, the revolutionary solution that combines SIEM and SOAR capabilities. With its advanced threat detection and response capabilities, Cloud Azure Sentinel is here to transform how you safeguard your cloud environment. Say goodbye to traditional security challenges and embrace the future…

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Cloud Migration: Common Challenges And How To Overcome Them?

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Is cloud migration giving you sleepless nights? Fear not! Explore the common hurdles and discover the secret formula to overcome them easily. You’re standing at the edge of a vast cloud landscape, ready to embark on a transformative journey. But you need help with data security concerns, application compatibility issues, and performance…

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DevSecOps: 4 key Kubernetes trends to know

Security is top of mind for IT leaders. In fact, it was the number-one IT technology funding priority among the over 1,300 IT decision-makers surveyed for Red Hat’s 2022 Global Tech Outlook report. Kubernetes is important too: 70 percent of another approximately 1,300 IT decision-makers surveyed for Red Hat’s latest The State…

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Three Cloud Trends to Watch in 2022

Many developers and startups view cloud services as simply “compute”, “storage” and “networking.” The cloud has matured to the point where customers often don’t think about the underlying infrastructure, service levels or debate the merits of on-premises versus cloud & they are increasingly cloud-first. In fact, December of 2021 marked Amazon Web…

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Azure updates AKS with new Kubernetes technologies

Why are azure so important in 2021

Kubernetes is the foundation of much modern cloud-native software. Although it’s a mature technology that’s important for Azure and other hyperscale clouds, Kubernetes is definitely not standing still. Regular updates add features, while a growing ecosystem builds tools and technologies that integrate with the underlying platform. It’s not surprising that managed Kubernetes…

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