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The DevOps Journey: Achieving Harmony in Java Development and Operations

The DevOps Journey- Featured img BDCC

Are you aware of what’s hindering the efficiency and output of contemporary organizations? It’s the absence of synchrony between the development and operations teams. Historically, these vital groups have worked independently, adhering to the Waterfall approach to software development. “Slow release cycles, error-prone software code, low-performance quality, and high downtime – DevOps…

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Has the Pandemic Made DevOps Tougher or Easier?

Impact of pandemic on DevOps

How has COVID-19 impacted the way DevOps professionals approach their work? The current, unpredictable economic climate as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a glaring need for organizations to be able to do more with less. They have fewer resources and even less margin of error now to maintain…

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Microsoft Describes its Own DevOps Journey

Microsoft DevOps Journey

This is what DevOps looks like inside one of the world’s biggest software factories. The goals: more collaboration, improved work lives. In this cloud-drenched era, software vendors have evolved from code-and-ship operations into 24×7 data center operators. So they, perhaps more than any other type of organization, need DevOps methodologies to keep…

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