Common Mistakes Organizations and DevOps Service Providers Should Avoid

The role of DevOps services mainly emphasizes on the practices adopted by IT professionals and software developers. This role is not merely a concept, philosophy, or practice. DevOps acts as a bridge between administrators and developers.

DevOps solutions act as a catalyst to automate continuous integration and continuous delivery or CI/CD. Many companies are rapidly moving to adopt DevOps and embracing the practice into their operations. 

However, not every organization understands the mistakes that may result in DevOps implementation failure. The organizations must try to implement the best practices for DevOps adoption. Still, any mistakes in DevOps implementation may lead to serious problems later.

Now, let’s discuss and understand the common mistakes made by organizations while implementing DevOps.


  • Selection of the Wrong Team


While implementing DevOps, organizations make many major mistakes for job completion. The efficient team manager must try to choose the perfect and appropriate team for implementation. In any case, even a single inexperienced team member can cause implementation failure. 

DevOps are not only responsible to bring agility, but they also have to conduct the deployment in the right manner. DevOps is a blend of operation and development. So, the organizations have to focus on both the ends. 

If you concentrate only on one aspect, then it may be problematic at a later stage. By hiring an experienced DevOps service provider for both the ends, the execution can be done in a coordinated and collaborative manner. The professionals must have sound technical knowledge and expertise. 


  • Unplanned Implementation


To implement DevOps, you should go through extensive planning and foolproof strategy. All team members must also adopt their roles comprehensively. However, many organizations implement the role without any road map. Their focus remains only on project completion.  

This, in reality, can be proved as a wrong practice. They should maintain good speed and deliver the project timely; and speed should not be preferred over quality. 


  • More Emphasis on Agility


Some of the DevOps developers assume that Agile implementation can result in a win-win situation, and they will be able to deliver an optimum application. But the truth is quite different. DevOps solution providers can help you in designing a comprehensive solution. 

Yes, Agile has a significant role in DevOps development as it has changed the development model. At the same time, it may not always be the right approach to follow DevOps development. When Agile is used to implement the business process operations, it can bring more customer satisfaction and help the organization in delivering a quality product.


  • Deciding DevOps Title


Organizations usually get confused when it comes to giving a title to a DevOps role. They usually hire professionals who can understand the job requirement precisely. The profession of DevOps is a combination of development and operation.

The basic requirement must be to hire the right professional for the DevOps role. Here, we can take the example to hire a professional with Chef Experience to work in a better way on configuration management scripts rather than someone with more containerization skills. It is better to hire a professional having experience in new technologies with the right skill set. 


  • Choosing Speed over Quality


Usually, the organizations focus on delivering the projects in a fast manner rather than delivering a quality product. While completing the tasks of DevOps, organizations should consider the best standards and practices. However, in DevOps culture speed matters a lot, but still, it can’t be compromised with the quality. 

The organizations that follow the Agile methodology may also not be expected to deliver a quality product with an extended deadline. Many organizations are trying to complete the project in a short period just to maintain their position in the competitive market. In DevOps, quality and speed must go together.


  • New Technology Adoption


It has been observed that DevOps professionals start using new technologies without even researching properly about them. Some professionals try to use beta mode tools just because their competitors have been using the same. 

Before adopting any new technology, professionals must conduct proper research and comparisons. Sometimes the organizations keep on releasing the plug-ins for existing tools. The professionals should collect adequate information before making their decision for the new tool.


  • Database Ignorance


The database is among one of the key areas that is usually missed while implementing DevOps. Database lags due to complete automation. The full emphasis of the professionals remains on code management, continuous integration, and other issues. 

Database handling is one of the most critical aspects, especially for data-centric applications. Databases play an important role in such applications that need to be rapidly expanded along with DevOps. 

Final Thoughts

While implementing DevOps, there are many other aspects apart from the above-listed ones that can cause the implementation failure. Some of them may be ignorance of DevOps and security practices, setting unrealistic goals, running tests in an asynchronous manner, and many others. The organizations that keep track of these aspects can make DevOps implementation successful. 


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BDCC Global is a leading DevOps research company. We believe in sharing knowledge and increasing awareness, and to contribute to this cause, we try to include all the latest changes, news, and fresh content from the DevOps world into our blogs.

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BDCC Global is a leading DevOps research company. We believe in sharing knowledge and increasing awareness, and to contribute to this cause, we try to include all the latest changes, news, and fresh content from the DevOps world into our blogs.