How to Establish a DevOps Culture: 5 Secrets For You!

An organization is a result of the amalgamation of certain vital departments like marketing, finance, HR, accounts, advertising, sales, and so on. But, if there are two eminent departments that often form the foundation of an organization, those are Development and Operations. The contemporary time is a witness to how far-reaching these two departments have reached, and the credit thoroughly goes to the leading software technology named DevOps. Currently, DevOps beholds a market share of 47%. Through the implementation of DevOps culture, organizations have mastered software quality improvement, rapid delivery of projects, boosted collaboration with probable clients, and all in all health coordination among all departments.

“Through the accomplishment of a rationalized DevOps culture, the organization will experience expansion in myriad departments.”

5 Crucial Tips to Establishing a DevOps Culture

Not every organization is acquainted with the best practice in DevOps. And, failing to carry through the practices might lead to disarray among all departments eventually leading to a growth standstill. Worry not, below are 5 solid tips to help you improvise the finest culture.

1. Emphasize Incessant Collaboration

The core motive behind DevOps test is the synchronization of all the prevalent departments in working towards a common goal. To confirm this, a continuous boost in collaboration and communication is compulsory. Therefore, the CTOs are necessitated to bridge a rigorous line of communication between the production team and the developers.

The DevOps culture will be developed when there will be a breakage of the silos, a healthy coordination among all the departments that helps resolve every sort of challenge in a jiffy. Through this implementation, a thorough sharing of project details is ensured, which eventually results in rapid deployment, smoother delivery, and reduced glitches.

2. Develop an Exhaustive Understanding of CI/CD

For acquiring the perfect DevOps culture, it is essential to completely adhere to the understanding and incorporation of CI/CD or Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Through the execution of this software development methodology, the development team experiences immense ease in operation since they get to use the essential tools they need. Through these tools, the developers enjoy automated application deployment, starting from development to production.

To establish a DevOps culture, thoroughly scan your business operations and detect any manual operation, if any. Through this scanning, you will be able to locate all the inefficiencies pertaining to your development process, and accordingly act towards it.

3. Adopt DevOps Culture Through Complete Automation

To establish a DevOps culture, there is one thing that needs to be abided by at any cost – complete automation. Though it is true that the initial process of automation might cost you excess time, once executed, your organization will thrive because of the reliance on performing work. There will be lowered energy, restrained usage of resources, negligible usage of human error, and more.

Automation is often regarded as the best practice in DevOps, and it is correct in every way possible. The employees are the ones who find automation extremely fruitful since they get ample time to upskill themselves instead of indulging in unnecessary extra work.

4. Embracing A Vigorous Approach to Software Evolution

It is vital for the software teams to ensure a robust way toward software development alongside practicing CI holistically for ensuring a DevOps culture. To streamline this whole thing, it is essential to design a software development flow that guarantees a code thrust at least once a day. This leads to a more suitable way of coding. This also means cutting out long-lived feature branches that are one to two weeks at the max.

It is necessary to shift it all to the source control management apart from the secret value or parameter. Ensure deployments for your CI/CD software development methodology to observe source control for alterations and accelerates the automated pipelines for upgrading the software or infrastructure, that too in a completely automated manner as promised.

5. Encourage Customer-Centric Activities

Your DevOps culture will only be perfectly implemented when the customers are offered complete attention. It is a known fact that a business is ought to fail if the customers’ demands are not fulfilled. Therefore, the CTOs are required to emphasize more on resolving customer issues, and laying a path for the customers to feel satisfied through numerous advanced features. This way, the business will also come under the limelight, and make some good profit.

As CTOs, it is quite comprehensible that resolving rare customer demands will only make headway for the business. It is essential to keep the end users in the midst of every strategy since it will help in delivering a fruitful, authentic, and vigorous solution.

Bottom Line

Apart from the top five tips, to build a DevOps culture, you also need to assess and learn from your failures, start implementing the change from the top management level, optimize end-to-end accountability, and most importantly have a strict sense of commitment.

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BDCC Global is a leading DevOps research company. We believe in sharing knowledge and increasing awareness, and to contribute to this cause, we try to include all the latest changes, news, and fresh content from the DevOps world into our blogs.

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BDCC Global is a leading DevOps research company. We believe in sharing knowledge and increasing awareness, and to contribute to this cause, we try to include all the latest changes, news, and fresh content from the DevOps world into our blogs.