Introducing System Initiative (SI) Platform Capabilities To Reinvent DevOps in the Second Wave

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Are you still looking for solutions to remove bottlenecks in your DevOps operations? Surprisingly, a promising solution called the System Initiative (SI) has emerged with a precise aim to reinvent DevOps! But, are you hearing about System Initiative for the first time?

“Founded in 2019 by Adam Jacob, Mahir Lupinacci, and Alex Ethier, SI is a collaborative power tool that can eliminate all papercuts from DevOps without compromising control.”

Last Wednesday, the CEO of SI, Adam Jacob, announced the great news of raising $18M in funding for this fantastic tool. Now, the private beta model of the System Initiative (SI) is available to try! Let’s find out how SI plans to rebuild DevOps in this article.

How System Initiative Plans to Reinvent DevOps & Overcome Legacy Challenges?

SI recognizes the organizational challenges of attempting to automate DevOps processes fully. Most DevOps legacy tools and platforms often need to catch up to satisfy the demands of modern software development practices. That is why SI leverages a robust framework for generating code based on simulations of IT environments. It embraces a more streamlined approach to DevOps. It reduces the reliance on custom code and improves its quality.

Exploring Top System Initiative Features Revealed in Private Beta

Now the Private Beta mode of System AI is available, here are the top features to try out to enhance the performance of your GitOps workflows!

#1 Intelligent Automation

You can use the full-fidelity models to infer-configuration the relationships dynamically. Later, you can generate any necessary code automatically.

#2 Fast Feedback Loops

You can get immediate insights about your configurations through Qualifications. It offers clear viability to encode configuration policy directly into the DevOps simulation.

#3 Focused collaboration

You get a fully multiplayer visual interface of System Initiative for you and your team members. Multiple users can easily collaborate through this VI portal to co-manage various DevOps operations.

#4 Delightful customization

Now DevOps companies can add new functionalities in the DevOps workflow to enforce policy changes anytime. You can use the TypeScript function alongside a reactive hypergraph to make unique customization.

Full-Fidelity Modeling Using SI for Streamlining DevOps

The main problem of today’s DevOps work is the User Experience. Often, engineers have to perform repetitive tasks to meet demands. SI aimed to solve this problem by reducing the repetitive specifications. The platform accurately represents IT environments accessed through an intuitive visual interface. In SI, users should specify high-level constraints and manage the system and the rest of the DevOps workflows.

The prototype modeled using SI successfully requested an AWS server with minimal expression. Using a constraint solver, it chose the instance size, found the correct AMI, and created the necessary AWS objects. SI can now handle detailed models with action abilities. It is a more thoughtful form of automation, but it involves writing, testing, tweaking, and applying code with limited control over DevOps Workflow. Now DevOps engineers can generate TypeScript code and use it as a streamlined approach to improve efficiency.

The Path to Centralization with SI’s Integrated Change Control

The path to reinvent DevOps with centralization poses various challenges. Organizations often find themselves entrenched in multiple DevOps platforms to consolidate and standardize practices. For example, using traditional IaC in a Git repository offers complex UX challenges. However, the allure of SI combined multiple models, inferred configurations, and generated code through a single platform.

SI incorporates change control into the models themselves. Models could exist in multiple states simultaneously, allowing visual modeling without affecting real-world resources. It eliminates the need for an infrastructure pipeline. System Initiative reconciled intent with the real-world state. It expresses all configurations and actions in a change set by defining a simplified DevOps practice.

What’s Next for System Initiative?

So far, we only have the Private Beta mode of System Initiative available for limited usage. The Open Source version still awaits public reveal as the creators of SI are still working on the following features:

  • Customization & sharing of workspaces within SI, similar to Visual Studio Code
  • One Screen to merge the platform for modeling and applying changes
  • Runnable artifacts of the source code for a simple installation experience

Overall, it’s safe to say that SI can overcome the most significant barriers to a better DevOps workflow. As the second wave of DevOps is here to reinvent DevOps, it will be exciting to see what’s next for System Initiative!


#1 How to try the private beta of System Initiative (SI)?

Visit the official website at and click the “PRIVATE BETA” option. It will open up an online application. Enter the following details based on your interests:

  • Your name, email, and company name
  • Tick yes/no if you have any Open Source experience.
  • Pick the required cloud providers (Azure, AWS, GCP, and Digital Ocean)
  • Choose your DevOps toolbox (CDK, Docker, Kubernetes, Pulumi, Terraform)

Agree to the terms through check-bok and click on “submit”. Once you get confirmation about the access to SI, you can use the Private Beta mode.

#2 Can I view any System Initiative (SI) Demo?

Yes, visit System Initiative’s YouTube page to access the available demos of this amazing tool. The Launch Demo explains how to make detailed interactive simulations of any cloud infrastructure using SI. It demonstrates how SI workflows provide faster feedback and eliminates the need for multiple code pipelines.

#3 Why must I partner with a DevOps consultancy company?

DevOps consulting services combine the experience of professional DevOps engineers for you to collaborate with. You can discuss your company’s requirements with your DevOps partner as they cater you a unique solution according to your company requirements. Plus, you get 24/7 support and assistance throughout the implementation process!

#4 What is DevOps Intelligent Automation?

DevOps Intelligent Automation is a unique approach from System Initiative that includes intelligent automation, fast feedback loops, focused collaboration, and work customization features. It leverages intelligent algorithms to optimize DevOps processes and enhance workflow efficiency.

#5 Is System Initiative (SI) the second wave of DevOps?

To reinvent DevOps, System Initiative (SI) offers an intelligent automation platform that eliminates the need to use various CI/CD tools and open-source systems. Instead, it provides a single platform to create and manage multiple DevOps operations. No doubt it brings the second wave of DevOps!

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BDCC Global is a leading DevOps research company. We believe in sharing knowledge and increasing awareness, and to contribute to this cause, we try to include all the latest changes, news, and fresh content from the DevOps world into our blogs.