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From Good to Great: How DevOps Teams Create Top Agile Teams?

Top Agile Teams Featured image.

Today organizations are fast transitioning towards agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban, etc., in order to improve their software/product delivery services. Naturally, the role of DevOps teams has become increasingly important. DevOps engineers perform continuous delivery of software with a faster time-to-market ratio. They also help create top agile teams who perform Continuous…

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How is DevOps Multicloud Revolutionizing the DevOps Game?

Multicloud DevOps: The Next Evolution in Software Development

Are you wondering how the rise of Multicloud is transforming the DevOps game? What advantages does it offer, and how does it impact your software development and deployment strategies? Multicloud is breaking down barriers and unlocking new opportunities for organizations to innovate and scale their software systems like never before. It’s time…

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Release Management in DevOps Explained: Components & Process Overview

While organizations are embracing DevOps methodologies, worldwide DevOps practices are evolving rapidly. DevOps has introduced a new approach for implementing faster SDLC and flexible release management. DevOps adoption has revolutionized the entire process of Release Management. The method of successfully implementing release management using DevOps differs from one organization to another. This…

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Breaking Down The Differences Between SRE and DevOps

With the growing complexity of software/application development, Development & Operations Engineers are in high demand. SREs are also in high demand as the IT industry is adapting approaches to create robust yet scaleable software with lesser iterations. SRE and DevOps are both software development methodologies that complement each other to help organizations…

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Is Monitoring Burning Out Your DevOps Teams?

Modern companies are swiftly adopting various DevOps methodologies to bring both development and operations teams to work together. DevOps teams work collaboratively to meet several business requirements including faster software code development, continuous integration, infrastructure support, and continuous monitoring. “By creating a better fit between the team and the work, DevOps professionals…

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The Importance of Monitoring in DevOps

Monitoring DevOps progress

DevOps introduced more automation to the software development process and lifecycle, allowing new applications to be on the market at a quicker pace. But with progress comes changes and new requirements for developing, testing, and deploying applications, thus requiring transformation for modern monitoring systems. What is Monitoring? Monitoring provides feedback from production…

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DevOps: 5 things teams need from CIOs


Today, successful enterprises must be agile enough to offer flawless digital solutions while constantly responding to fluctuating market climates, customer demands, and competitive strains. Because enterprise services, product offerings, and applications are elaborate, DevOps is quickly becoming a requisite methodology for delivering business value to customers continuously and efficiently. For many leaders…

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Self-Service Workload Protection for DevOps Teams

DevOps Security

Everyone (or almost everyone) in the DevOps world likes to talk about the importance of security. But too often, these DevOps security conversations end with generic recommendations such as, “Follow the OWASP Top 10.” Don’t get me wrong—reference frameworks such as OWASP are great resources for helping to guide DevOps security. But…

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Red Hat Installs DevOps Flexibility into RHEL 8

DevOps with RHEL8

Red Hat is about to make it easier to use emerging operating system services For DevOps developers, without the need of upgrading their entire operating system. Yes, Red Hat is bringing the DevOps friendly version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux- RHEL 8, and the beta version is already here. The beta release…

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