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Transforming DevOps Computing with Serverless Innovation: AWS Lambda and Azure Functions

Transforming Devops computing- Featured image

Are you tired of managing your application infrastructure? Do you want to focus more on DevOps computing rather than dealing with the complexities of traditional computing environments? If so, Serverless Computing is here to revolutionize your application deployment approach. “The Serverless Computing model enables developers to build, deploy, and scale multiple applications…

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Azure Sentinel: The Game-Changer In Cloud Security With SIEM & SOAR

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Are you ready for a game-changer in cloud security? Introducing Azure Sentinel, the revolutionary solution that combines SIEM and SOAR capabilities. With its advanced threat detection and response capabilities, Cloud Azure Sentinel is here to transform how you safeguard your cloud environment. Say goodbye to traditional security challenges and embrace the future…

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Are You Keen To know About Facial Recognition using AI with AWS?

Amazon Web Services brings “Amazon Rekognition”, a perfect solution-based service leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is designed and developed to perform accurate Image Analysis on various applications. It uses deep learning to improve scalability while analyzing multiple images within seconds. “Blending AI with AWS; Amazon Rekognition Can Perform Accurate Facial Recognition” So…

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AWS launches new EC2

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the general availability of its new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Hpc6a instances. These “purpose-built” EC2 instances leverage 3rd Gen AMD EPYC CPUs to process high-performance computing (HPC) workloads at what Amazon claims is ” up to 65% better price-performance compared to similar compute-optimized Amazon EC2 instances that customers use…

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Azure updates AKS with new Kubernetes technologies

Why are azure so important in 2021

Kubernetes is the foundation of much modern cloud-native software. Although it’s a mature technology that’s important for Azure and other hyperscale clouds, Kubernetes is definitely not standing still. Regular updates add features, while a growing ecosystem builds tools and technologies that integrate with the underlying platform. It’s not surprising that managed Kubernetes…

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Amazon Web Services Opening AWS Innovation Studio At HQ2

Amazon Web Services will open a new AWS Innovation Studio to collaborate on global solutions that leverage its cloud computing technologies to address issues such as housing insecurity, social justice, climate change, sustainability and health, and education inequality. A first for AWS, the studio will launch at Amazon’s new HQ2 headquarters under construction in…

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