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A Detailed Analysis Of Top Three Public Cloud Platforms- Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, And Google Cloud

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Have you heard about Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud? All these public cloud services allow users to share resources with multiple users without compromising privacy, efficiency, and security. These platforms work in virtual mode and mostly rely on shared resources. Since 2000, we’ve witnessed many changes, powered mainly by diverse technologies….

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AWS AI or Azure AI – Which Cloud Service is Better?

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The widespread demand for Generative AI has led Cloud Providers to compete in service offerings and effectiveness. The prominent players in the IT industry are not far behind. Amazon and Microsoft are topping each other by bringing the best Artificial Intelligence services on the platter! “The ultimate battle for Cloud AI Supremacy:…

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Safeguarding Azure DevOps Environment: Microsoft’s Comprehensive Security Roadmap

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Data Breaches and Cyber Threats: Two most common security challenges every organization face to protect their cloud-based services like Azure DevOps. So it’s a must to implement organizational-level security practices when handling sensitive data. “Microsoft’s comprehensive security roadmap serves as a crucial guide with potential best practices that organizations can implement to…

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Building Bridges to Success: The Art of Selecting the Right Terraform Consulting Service

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Do you need help with managing infrastructure across multiple cloud providers? Do you need more expertise like Terraform Consulting Service providers to implement infrastructure automation? Organizations like yours require a solid cloud infrastructure foundation with the growing demand for cloud transformation and automation. “Terraform, an open-source tool, has emerged as the best-suited…

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How To Create & Manage Azure Key Vault with Terraform Scripting?

Protecting keys and client secrets are essential to protect the cloud user’s data and identity. Azure Key Vault offers an end-to-end security solution to safeguard cryptographic keys, client secrets, digital tokens, and certificates. But how to create and manage a Key Vault? Microsoft offers various solutions such as Azure Portal, Azure CLI…

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Take advantage of .NET 6 on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has updated Azure’s main PaaS services with the latest release of .NET. Here’s the skinny on .NET 6 support in Azure Functions, Azure App Service, and Azure Static Web Apps. The November 2021 launch of .NET 6 introduced the first Long Term Support (LTS) version of the new .NET Core-based unified platform….

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Azure updates AKS with new Kubernetes technologies

Why are azure so important in 2021

Kubernetes is the foundation of much modern cloud-native software. Although it’s a mature technology that’s important for Azure and other hyperscale clouds, Kubernetes is definitely not standing still. Regular updates add features, while a growing ecosystem builds tools and technologies that integrate with the underlying platform. It’s not surprising that managed Kubernetes…

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