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How To Create & Manage Azure Key Vault with Terraform Scripting?

Protecting keys and client secrets are essential to protect the cloud user’s data and identity. Azure Key Vault offers an end-to-end security solution to safeguard cryptographic keys, client secrets, digital tokens, and certificates. But how to create and manage a Key Vault? Microsoft offers various solutions such as Azure Portal, Azure CLI…

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Take advantage of .NET 6 on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has updated Azure’s main PaaS services with the latest release of .NET. Here’s the skinny on .NET 6 support in Azure Functions, Azure App Service, and Azure Static Web Apps. The November 2021 launch of .NET 6 introduced the first Long Term Support (LTS) version of the new .NET Core-based unified platform….

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Azure updates AKS with new Kubernetes technologies

Why are azure so important in 2021

Kubernetes is the foundation of much modern cloud-native software. Although it’s a mature technology that’s important for Azure and other hyperscale clouds, Kubernetes is definitely not standing still. Regular updates add features, while a growing ecosystem builds tools and technologies that integrate with the underlying platform. It’s not surprising that managed Kubernetes…

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