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The Roadmap to DevOps Success: Key DevOps KPIs & Metrics To Follow

DevOps Game- Featured img BDCC

Already integrated DevOps to drive the ultimate digital transformation? But have you tracked the success of your DevOps transition? Like you, most of today’s organizations are missing out on using DevOps KPIs and metrics effectively. But why? “Your DevOps journey defines your long-term commitment toward achieving your DevOps initiatives and objectives using…

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Agility in DevOps: What’s Holding Enterprises Back?

Agility in DevOps What’s Holding Enterprises Back

Back in 2007, the DevOps movement emerged as a solution to bridge the gap between software development and IT operations, and the inefficiencies it raised. With over 85% of organizations saying it’s important for their company to develop and begin production of new software quickly, DevOps became a no-brainer for organizations to…

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The Secret to Winning at DevOps!


The main idea behind DevOps is to enable companies to keep up with the increased software velocity and advancements in agile culture for a smoother end-to-end software delivery cycle. The main goal of DevOps is to accomplish integration and automation, which is why implementing this philosophy can be challenging. Not only do you…

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Adopting Multicloud? Don’t Forget DevOps

DevOps with Multicloud

Don’t move to DevOps or the multicloud unless you plan on going with both. IBM Institute for Business Value conducted a survey of 1,106 business and technology executives recently and the results are describing the growth of multi-cloud environments. In the survey, IBM found that 85 percent of organizations are already benefiting…

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