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Look Back At Top DevOps Lessons Learned by IT Professionals in 2022

2022 witnessed the highest demand for experienced DevOps Engineers, Analysts, and Programmers. Undoubtedly, the IT industry requires more skilled DevOps professionals this year. With the increasing demand, IT engineers can grab excellent career upscaling opportunities. In this guide, we will discuss the top 10 DevOps lessons that can be helpful to professionals…

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Why are Humans so Important in DevOps?

Why are humans so important in DevOps

The changes, the development and the shift that the world has seen in the past one and half year has been tremendous. Organizations have had to alter how they engage, collaborate, and work. Increasing security and adapting to new working practices that valued collaboration and communication were also necessary. We became reliant…

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3 DevOps skills IT leaders need for the next normal

DevOps Skills needed by IT Leaders

As the triage phase of COVID-19 response ends and the transformation phase begins, individuals and organizations can achieve more by focusing on three areas that DevOps pros know well   Many IT organizations are moving out of the triage and stabilizing phases of their response to the COVID-19 crisis and into the transformation…

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