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Why are Humans so Important in DevOps?

Why are humans so important in DevOps

The changes, the development and the shift that the world has seen in the past one and half year has been tremendous. Organizations have had to alter how they engage, collaborate, and work. Increasing security and adapting to new working practices that valued collaboration and communication were also necessary. We became reliant…

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Top 10 DevOps Tools of 2021

top devops tools

DevOps is a process of collaboration and assimilation of workflow for a higher degree of effectiveness amidst teams. It is known to be the most effective way of managing teams across departments, especially adopted by the IT and Telecommunications industries. However, now DevOps is spreading its wings to encompass other sectors as well. According…

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3 Trends That Are Influencing the Adoption of DevOps and DevSecOps in 2021

Devops and devsecops in 2021

DevOps and DevSecOps have transformed the way several companies handle software development and management in recent years. The words have become a metaphor for well-planned and implemented software development as a result of their extensive use. Although it’s important to understand the importance of both DevOps and DevSecOps, they’re not one-size-fits-all, centralized,…

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The Improvement of DevOps Skills Among Salesforce Developers

According to Gearset’s Future of Salesforce DevOps Summit survey, just under half (47%) of participants publish software numerous times per week, with another 29% publishing software weekly or biweekly.   The report revealed that the level of DevOps maturity among programmers building software on the Salesforce software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform is rapidly growing….

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The Importance of Monitoring in DevOps

Monitoring DevOps progress

DevOps introduced more automation to the software development process and lifecycle, allowing new applications to be on the market at a quicker pace. But with progress comes changes and new requirements for developing, testing, and deploying applications, thus requiring transformation for modern monitoring systems. What is Monitoring? Monitoring provides feedback from production…

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Signs That Your Company is Failing at DevOps

Failing at DevOps

DevOps has become a big buzzword in software development. This cultural tech movement combines development and operations, and strives to break some of the more traditional, siloed approaches to code builds. More companies than ever are taking a stab at DevOps, especially after thriving companies like Netflix, Etsy, and Target attribute their…

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Best DevOps tools of 2019

DevOps Tools

Software development in the past decades has moved from being perceived as a form of alchemy to something that can be quantified and managed. Alongside good project management practices, those working in the DevOps world rely on complex tools that enable a team to contribute code to a common objective. These enable…

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Securing DevOps Is About People and Culture

DevOps Culture and People

Preconceived notions and divisions make building security into the software development life cycle an uphill battle for many organizations. Security teams have long had the reputation of being “out of process” — that they add requirements, complicate processes, and disrupt DevOps. “The reality is that building security into the development process —…

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DevOps Will Fail Unless Security and Developer Teams Communicate Better!

DevOps Consulting Companies

DevOps initiatives have become important for 74% of organizations over the past year, but communication must improve for DevOps to be successful, according to Trend Micro. Communication between IT security and software development needs to improve before organizations can successfully implement a DevOps culture, according to the majority of IT leaders surveyed…

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What’s Stopping You from Achieving Your DevSecOps Goals!

This blog is dedicated to the cybersecurity challenges attached to the production automation in the software development industry. In easy words, we are going to talk about overall security operations and DevSecOps implementation. According to a study conducted by Gartner- “by 2021, DevSecOps practices will be embedded in 80 percent of development…

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DevOps: The Journey Towards Enterprise Betterment

DevOps For Digital Transformation

Today every business is familiar with the word DevOps whether they have implemented it into their business structure or they have just read some articles about the “Magical Solution to fasten software development process.” The reality is DevOps is not just a buzzword anymore neither it is some unicorn from fairyland. Companies…

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